Smith Captures Margate's Beauty in Cover Shot

Leslie Smith of Margate is the winner of Inside Margate 2015 calendar contest. Her photograph, Peering Through Pilings," was selected among more than 70 submissions received by the Margate Business Association.

The lifetime Margate resident began taking photos when, at eight-years-old, Smith learned how to use her father's SLR camera. The budding photographer got her own camera in fifth grade and she went on to get an Associate's degree in photography. 


Smith said she spends a lot of time on the beach and always has a camera handy. This time it was an iPhone.

"I was on the beach that day and it was one of those days where the light was crazy sparkly; I actually took it with my iPhone," Smith said. "It's a good quality photo."

Smith often brings her camera to the beach to get a different perspective on the water and to photography sunsets.

"It amazes me how much the ocean and beach changes from day to day," Smith said. "That's what attracts me to the beach; the colours and the lighting."

Smith can often be found scanning the beach with her lens and snapping photos of her daughter Mackenzie during the summers in Margate. "I love the city and I'm impressed with the school system," Smith said. "It's nice to see the crowds in the summer and it's also nice to see them go. You can bike and walk here -- we've got everything." 

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